Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

September 2010 002
It has been hard to sleep at night…
partly because I have this horrid lingering cold but also because
while we were in Peru, every mosquito that lives in Bolivia moved into our house.
About 20 minutes after I crawl into bed each night, I start looking like polka dot Barbie
It has not been fun. 
So, last night as I finished my marathon Bible reading to finish by Saturday, I saw that my husband had installed a fresh, clean mosquito net over our bed.
I am pretty sure there is not a moment that I loved him more.
Sometimes husbands do things because they love us…
or possibly because they are tired of hearing painful cries in the night, but anyway…
So, last night that only reason I had trouble sleeping was the not feeling well,
It had nothing to do with mosquitoes.

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Nina said...

I'm sorry. thats rotten. have you tried natural bug spray or lotion? if you searched online I'd bet you'd find some you could mix up at home.

here's my recent post - http://parentplanet.info/?p=1641

Aiming4Simple said...

Mosquito nets are wonderful inventions. It's like having a canopy for your bed. We almost always slept under one when we lived in Vietnam. Glad you are reaping the benefits now too!