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31 Days of Missional Living {Day 24} – Called

2r47rs3How does one become intentional in looking outside themselves and into the neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, and world to do what can be done to advocate change and bring the gospel? This month we are looking at easy, practical steps towards living a mission-minded life.

{DAY 24}


Some of you are called to go. You know it. You sense the urging and have heard God speaking into your heart in times of prayer, Bible reading, and during services.  What do you do now that you know you are suppose to go?  Here are a few steps that I would consider…
  • PRAY AND SEEK COUNSEL– Spend time talking to God about what is on your heart. Ask him to guide your steps and direct your paths. Meet with your Pastor and other mentors whom you respect spiritually and ask their opinion and prayers. Listen to what they recommend and I hope with all my heart they will be completely honest because the mission field is not the place to work on deep issues.
  • RESEARCH MISSION BOARDS – Earlier this month, I gave some examples of Sending Agencies, but there are many more out there.  Start by asking around in your church and friends who are in missions whom they recommend.  Visit online sites and then email or call the contact person. They will be happy to answer questions and direct you in the next step.  It is often a good idea to schedule a visit to the home office too. It will be there that you will get a feel for the vision and direction of the mission and see if you are comfortable with the way things are run. Ask lots of questions.
  • APPLY – Once you have chosen a mission board that fits your ministry, goals, and you feel comfortable lining yourself with them, apply. You will have requirements to be met and paperwork to get together. Applications often take a lot of time, so be prepared to do the work. Keep praying during this part as well, asking God to confirm your way.
  • RAISE SUPPORT - Depending on the mission board that you choose and upon being appointed by that board, you will begin the job of raising support. This is an amazing opportunity to share the vision God has given you, encourage others in missions, and see God at work. You will want to have prayer support and financial support.  I would encourage you not to have expectations of anyone. You will be surprised where your funding comes from, let God touch hearts.
  • SCHOOLING – Many mission boards will want you to have some Biblical training. You made need to go to Bible school, seminary, or take correspondence classes.  When you know what mission board you would like to join, check out their requirements and proceed from there.
These are just a few steps that you can begin to consider and not an in-depth look at beginning in missions. If God is touching your heart, leave a comment. I will pray for you.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. – Proverbs 16:9

What else would you encourage future missionaries to consider as they prepare to go?

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