Monday, November 14, 2011

Me and My Blog {for Rachel and Her Blog}

you & your blog at finding joyWhen Rachel suggested taking photos with our blogs for the memories, I was so in!

So, I now can not only remember how I looked holding up my computer, but also how dusty the city is that I live in, the fact that we don’t take stickers off our computers years after we own them, and that my husband has had to fix the cord (note yellow duct tape) for me several times.

Oh, the memories in one little photo.

Side note: I did attempt to look cool here but one can only do so much in extreme heat.

What do you look like with your blog?


Anne Kate said...

What a neat idea! Our blogs are so much a part of us that it makes great sense to take a picture of us with them.

We're gearing up for cold weather. I don't envy you the heat, but when the snow flies, I probably will.:)

Have a blessed week.

Annie Kate

Alene said...

I'm so glad you linked up so I'd get to meet you in bloggy land. Love your site. Love your mission. Can't wait to read more about what all God has you doing for Him. Blessings new friend.

Cordial Chaos said...

Thanks for sharing! I really need to jump on and do this.

Jessie said...

Oh this is funny. We never remove our stickers either!