Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adjusting to Life on the Mission Field

All the ladies in attendance at the grand dinner were well dressed and mannered. The delicious food was set before us with flair. Everything about this Christmas extravaganza shouted of excellence to the smallest detail. There were gifts given to the many pastor’s wives and then to the missionaries in attendance. My friend whispered to the hostess that there was one more. They called my name. I remember the swelling applause and the lovely Brighten bracelet that still adorns my wrist on occasion. Upon returning to my seat, my eyes began to fill and I was glad for the lowering of lights as the program began because I could not hold back the tears for the applause that I did not deserve.

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Thanks to Gene Jennings from Quest for a New Perspective for inviting me to write this post. If you will remember, he wrote about Purposeful Giving for the 31 Days of Missional Living project in October. Please take some time to read his post and see what he is doing with the next ten years to help reach the whole world!


Kayleen said...

Sister in Christ, I loved your guest post so much! Thank you again for posting it (I commented there, too). Hard to believe that soon we'll be in the same country again.

Jessica Gardner said...

I'm trying to find your email address and can't seem to find it in my gmail account :(
I am the winner of the sola scriptura tshirt.
I just wanted to let you know that I received it and will be taking a picture as soon as i am dressed one day. :)
could you email me again so I have your address to send the picture to?

momto8 said...

Blessings all around...