Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading the Bible in 2012

In a few short days, we will all welcome in 2012.  What are your plans to cultivate drawing near to God? Bible Reading for 2012, and Why at Pyromaniacs was especially inspiring as I was thinking about what I would be doing. I especially liked the following quote:
“Pick a plan. Any plan is better than no plan. Play to your strength. If you're a morning person, read it first thing (this is what I found decades ago to be my path). If not, do it in the evening or midday. There is no law for a time to pick; but there is a law to do it.”
I agree. It does not really matter which plan, what time of day, or any logistics. It does matter IF you read and IF you read to know God and hear what He wants to share with you.
As you search out a plan that will work for you, may I suggest a few ideas…

1. THE FREE WAY – My very first time reading the entire Bible, I started with a sheet that listed each book of the Bible and every chapter. I read whatever book that I wanted, in whatever order that I wanted. I got it done and was amazed that I finally managed to stick it out. (After that, I was able to follow a more structured plan.) If you have started and stopped too many times to count, why not try a more free approach and see if that helps.

2. THE TIMELINE WAY – This is normally known as the chronological plan. You basically find a plan that lists the readings in order and read what happened first and then next and then next and then next…. You get the idea.

3. THE BOOK WAY – Open your Bible to page one and begin reading. When you complete Revelation, you are done. (This can be done in 90 days, one year, three years, seven months and twelve days, or in whatever time you happen to need.)

4. THE HERE AND THERE WAY – This would be a plan that has you reading in several places each day. You can read from two places, four places, even ten places. You can find all kinds of Bible reading plans with variations on the here and there way.

As you can see, there is no right way to read the Bible and I totally made up the names for the plans above. For a great list of plans with links and normal names, take a look at Justin Taylor’s Bible Reading Plans for 2012. You could also join Tim Challis in the 3650 Plan. This plan falls under #4, reading from 10 places daily and I plan to attempt it in 2012.

***My biggest and best advise for those who will be trying this for the very first time is that if you fall behind, do not quit. In fact, expect to fall behind and then you won’t be disappointed in yourself. Does it really matter when you finish reading the Bible? Does it really matter if you are on the correct day? 

What are your plans for Bible reading in 2012?


Carissa said...

My Plan for reading the Bible in 2012 is to read from Genesis to Revelation in one year.

Cassandra said...

I don't have any specific reading plans for 2012. I've read through the Bible several times in the KJV. This year I'd like to finish reading through it in the NKJV (I'm in Judges right now). Mostly, I just want to spend lots of time in the Bible and memorize passages.